Builders and Contractors

Garavaglia Architects

Innovation and preservation for over a decade.

We approach each project as being unique to create a range of solutions that are developed to provide a positive design impact that respects the client’s goals and budget as well as the historic character of the building and its site.

Garavaglia’s vision includes a passion for the place of history in our lives. We have developed our services with the long-range goal of saving the historic fabric of built environments while giving them new life. We understand that truly innovative solutions are not achieved in a vacuum and are committed to a collaborative approach to design, encompassing economic as well as aesthetic decisions that benefit the client and the community.

California Restoration & Waterproofing

California Restoration & Waterproofing has developed a reputation as the premier historic restoration contractor in Southern California.

Over the years, CRW has received 16 major restoration awards in recognition of its contribution to keeping California looking good.